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Chemical quality of Michigan streams, 1970

By: Wood, W.W.


To aid in defining the chemical quality of stream waters in Michigan, samples were collected at approximately 200 gaging stations. One series of samples was collected in late march and early April 1967 when streamflow was high. The second set was collected in late august and early September 1967 under conditions of low streamflow. All measured parameters illustrate distinct regional patterns of distribution that shift only slightly under conditions of high and low flow. Water in the streams is of the calcium magnesium bicarbonate type and remains this type under high- and low-flow conditions. Concentrations of dissolved substances are generally lower during periods of high flow than during periods of low flow. The higher concentrations that occasionally occur at spring high flows are attributed to inflow of water from combination of effluent from sewers, fertilizers, and possibly road salt. Considering all parameters, there is a distinct tendency for the most dilute water to appear in the northern peninsula. (WOODARD-USGA)

RECORD ID: 7104362

F&G CODE: 02k; 05a

Wood, W.W., 1970, Chemical quality of Michigan streams: U.S. Geological Survey Circular 0634, 21 p.

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