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Water use and methods of data acquisition in Michigan, 1988

By: Sweat, M.J., and Van Til, R.L.


Principal water use categories in Michigan are: thermoelectric power generation, self-supplied industry, public supply, and irrigation. Water withdrawals for these categories during 1985 were estimated to be about 11,000 million gallons/day; consumptive water losses were estimated to be 590 million gallons/day. Systematic collection and analysis of water use data in Michigan began in 1970. From 1970-1986, the data collection efforts focused on compiling and analyzing data collected by various agencies, on statistical surveys of sample populations, and on projecting current withdrawals using estimates of past withdrawals. Legislation was introduced in Michigan in 1987 to improve data collection by requiring reports on all withdrawals > 100,000 gallons/day: (1) thermoelectric power generation; (2) self supplied industry; (3) public supply; and (4) irrigation. Four principal water use categories have been selected for intensive data collection during the next ten years. Future data acquisition will also include the application of a geographic information system to integrate water use databases and analyze water use. These data will be obtained through cooperative studies between the USGS, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, and local government agencies. These efforts are expected to result in an improvement of the water use database in Michigan. (See also W91-04161) (Author's abstract)

RECORD ID: 9104176

F&G CODE: 06d; 07b

Sweat, M.J., and Van Til, R.L., 1988, Water use and methods of data acquisition in Michigan, in M. Waterstone and R. J. Burt, eds., Water-use data for water resources management, Tucson, l988, Proceedings: American Water Resources Association, p. 133-141.

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