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Water Resources Data for Michigan, Water Year 1986

By: Miller, J.B., Failing, J.C. and Larson, W.W.


Water resources data for the 1986 water year for Michigan consist of RECORDs of stage, discharge, and water quality of streams; stage and contents of lakes and reservoirs; and water levels and water temperature of groundwater. This report contains discharge RECORDs for 136 gaging stations; stage only RECORDs for 1 gaging station; stage and contents for 5 lakes and reservoirs; water-quality RECORDs for 56 gaging stations; water-level RECORDs for 53 observation wells; and water-temperature RECORDs for 6 observation wells. Also included are 52 crest-stage partial-RECORD stations and 33 low-flow partial-RECORD stations. Additional water data were collected at various sites not involved in the systematic data-collection program. Miscellaneous data were collected at 58 measuring sites and 38 water-quality sampling sites. These data represent that part of the National Water Data System collected by the U.S. Geological Survey and cooperating State, local, and Federal agencies in Michigan. (USGS)

RECORD ID: 9006406

F&G CODE: 07c; 02e; 02f

Miller, J.B., Failing, J.C. and Larson, W.W., Water Resources Data for Michigan, Water Year 1986: Available from the National Technical Information Service, Springfield; VA 22161, as PB88-107578/AS. Price codes: A16 in paper copy, A01 in microfiche. USGS Water-Data Report MI-86-1 (WRD/HD-87/254), 1987. 353p. Prepared in cooperation with the State of Michigan and with other agencies.

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