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Ground-Water Data for Michigan 1988

By: Huffman, G.C. and Whited, C.R.


Water levels, locations, depths, and aquifers tapped are given for 112 observation wells. Tabulated data include a listing of groundwater reports in Michigan, extremes of water levels for calendar year 1988 and for the period of RECORD, pumpage of most MAJOR groundwater users in the State, and water-quality data from selected wells. The two largest municipal users of groundwater, were the cities of Lansing and Kalamazoo. In 1988, Lansing pumped 7.8 billion gallons from the Saginaw Formation and glacial deposits and Kalamazoo pumped 7.4 billion gallons from glacial deposits only. (Author's abstract)

RECORD ID: 9100358

F&G CODE: 02f

Huffman, G.C. and Whited, C.R., Ground-Water Data for Michigan 1988: Available from the US Geological Survey, Books and Open-File Reports Section; Box 25425, Federal Center, Denver, CO 80225-0425. Open-File Report 89-597, 1989. 54p, 4 fig, 4 tab, 119 ref. Prepared in cooperation with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources Geological Survey Division.

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