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Ground-Water Data for Michigan, 1975

By: Huffman, G.C.


This report summarizes data on ground-water levels in 172 observation wells in Michigan, and provides information on well locations, depths, elevations, and aquifers that they tap. Tabulated data include extremes of water levels for 1975 and for the period of RECORD. Also tabulated is the pumpage of most MAJOR ground-water users in the State. During 1975, ground-water levels were generally above average in most areas of the State. The high levels are attributed to near or above precipitation for the fourth consecutive year. During the year water levels reached RECORD highs in 22 wells and dropped to RECORD lows in 6 wells. (Woodard-USGS)

RECORD ID: 7708753

F&G CODE: 07c; 04b; 02f; 05a

Huffman, G.C., Ground-Water Data for Michigan, 1975: Michigan Geological Survey Department of Natural Resources, Lansing; 1976. 56 p, 25 fig, 2 tab, 112 ref.

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