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Stream Discharge in Michigan--Miscellaneous Measurements, 1985

By: Holtschlag, D.J., and Eagle, D.V.


This report contains 17,607 miscellaneous stream discharge measurements made at 2,897 sites in Michigan. An average of 515 measurements were made each year from 1960 through 1984; most of these were made from April through October of each year. Miscellaneous measurements include periodic and occasional measurements of streamflow at sites where systematic RECORDs are unavailable. (USGS)

RECORD ID: 8602409

F&G CODE: 07c; 02e

Holtschlag, D.J., and Eagle, D.V., 1985, Stream discharge in Michigan--miscellaneous measurements: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 85-350, 344 p.

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