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Ground water and geology of Marquette County, Michigan, 1982

By: Doonan, C.J., and VanAlstine, J.L.


Ground-water resources of Marquette County are about evenly divided between bedrock aquifers and aquifers in glacial deposits. In the northern and the extreme southern parts of the county, most wells are completed in bedrock at depths less than 100 feet. Yields, from most wells in bedrock range between 3 and 40 gal/min. In central Marquette County most wells are completed in glacial deposits; some of these wells are as much as 200 feet deep. Yields from wells in galcial deposits may be as great as 200 gal/min. Most well water is hard and has iron concentrations ranging from less than 0.1 mg/L to about 5.0 mg/L. Both ground water and surface water are used in municipal water systems in Marquette County. (USGS)

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Doonan, C.J., and VanAlstine, J.L., 1982, Ground water and geology of Marquette County, Michigan: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 82-501, 46 p.

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