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Statistical Models for Estimating Flow Characteristics of Michigan Streams, 1984

By: Holtschlag, D.J., and Croskey, H.M.

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Multiple-regression equations provide statistical models to estimate flow characteristics at ungaged sites in Michigan. The equations require determination of several readily measureable basin and metereological characteristics and an areal adjustment factor. Flow characteristics for which estimating equations have been prepared include mean and mean monthly flow, flow-duration, low flow, peak discharge, and flood volume. The precision of the flow estimate varies with the flow characteristics being estimated and the basin characteristics have the lowest standard errors, whereas peak flow and low flow characteristics have the highest standard errors. Sites that have basin characteristics similar to the basin characteristics used to develop the regression equations can be estimated more precisely. Confidence limits can be computed about the estimates using information included in the report. Need for additional gaging stations is assumed to be proportional to the standard error of residuals found among five regions designated in Michigan. Additional continuous-RECORD stations may be most beneficial in region 3 for reducing the standard error of mean and mean monthly flow equations. Additional partial-RECORD stations may be useful in region 4 for reducing the standard error of low flow and peak flow estimates. (USGS)

RECORD ID: 8602411

F&G CODE: 02e; 04a

Holtschlag, D.J., and Croskey, H.M., 1984, Statistical models for estimating streamflow characteristics of Michigan streams: U.S. Geological Survey Water-Resources Investigations Report 84-4207, 80 p.

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