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A Proposed Streamflow Data Program for Michigan, 1970

By: P.C. Bent


An evaluation of the streamflow data available in Michigan was made to provide guidelines for planning future water resource programs. The basic steps in the evaluation procedure were (1) definition of the long-term goals of the streamflow data program in quantitative form, (2) examination and analysis of all available data to determine which goals have already been met, and (3) consideration of alternate programs and techniques to meet the remaining objectives. It was found that most goals could not be met by regionalization of the data for gaged basins by regression analysis. This fact indicates that few changes can be made in the present program on the basis of computing data by regression formulas. However, regression formulas that include factors not evaluated as a part of this study, may provide a basis for regional streamflow analysis. The evaluation indicated that some changes in the streamgaging network can be made on the basis of length of records already collected. A streamflow data program based on the guidelines developed in this study is proposed for the future. (Woodard-USGS)

Bent, P.C., A Proposed Streamflow Data Program for Michigan: Geological Survey Open-File Report; 1970. 69 P, 5 Fig, 8 Tab, 8Rrf, 1 Append.

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