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Physical and chemical data for ground water in the Michigan basin, 1986-89

By: G.T. Dannemiller and M.A. Baltusis Jr.


Ground-water samples were collected from 459 wells in 46 counties in the central part of the Michigan basin as part of the U.S. Geological Survey's Regional Aquifer-Systems Analysis. Physical and chemical data of 476 ground-water samples from these wells represent characteristics of water from wells open to the Berea Sandstone, Coldwater Shale, Marshall Sandstone, Michigan Formation, Bayport Limestone, Saginaw Formation, Grand River Formation, and glacial deposits. The data are presented in tables, organized by county. Groundwater samples were measured in the field for specific conductance, temperature, and alkalinity. Analyses of groundwater for concentrations of dissolved oxygen, ferrous iron, total iron, and sulfide were also done in the field. Additional laboratory analysis provided data on eight MAJOR and 18 minor inorganic constituents. Twenty-one samples were analyzed for tritium, 140 samples were analyzed for the ratio of carbon 13 to 12, and 19 samples were analyzed for carbon-14. The stable-isotope ratio of deuterium to hydrogen was determined for 408 samples; the ratio of oxygen-16 was determined for 433 samples; and the ratio of sulfur-34 to sulfur-32 was determined for 20 samples. Sixteen samples were analyzed for the unstable isotopes of uranium; 13 samples were analyzed for radium-226; and the ratio of radium-228 to radium 226 was determined for 13 samples. Individual county maps of the area show the location of the data-collection sites within the study area. (USGS)

Dannemiller, G.T., and Baltusis, M.A., Jr., 1990, Physical and chemical data for ground water in the Michigan basin, 1986-89: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 90-368, 155 p.

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