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Water Resources of the River Raisin Basin, Southeastern Michigan, 1975

By: R.L. Knutilla and W.B. Allen


This hydrologic atlas represents a part of a comprehensive study of the water resources of southeastern Michigan. Its purpose is to provide information on (1) The physical features of the River Raisin and its tributaries, (2) the characteristics of streamflow, (3) the quality of surface and groundwater, and (4) the availability of groundwater. The atlas is one in a series on the several river basins in southeastern Michigan. The River Raisin basin, an area of 1,072 sq mi is characterized by hilly to moderately undulating topography in the western and northwestern parts and by relatively flat terrain in the southeast. Tables summarize some physiographic data for selected subbasins in the River Raisin Basin having about 2 or more sq mi of drainage area. Selected subbasins of the major streams include area above mouths of tributaries, and points of interest such as highways, towns, gaging stations, or dams, and below the confluence of the main stream and a tributary so as to include both drainage areas. Similar criteria were used for tributary streams, except where the tributary was too small to merit further dividing. most subbasins are shown on the basin map. (Woodard-USGS)

Knutilla, R.L., and Allen, W.B., 1975, Water resources of the River Raisi n basin, southeastern Michigan: U.S. Geological Survey Hydrologic Investigations Atlas HA-520, 22 p., 2 sheets, scale 1:250,000.

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